“Just a message to thank you for the excellent training. From the training you provided it is obvious you are very knowledgeable in the subject and it shows you are keen and passionate about passing this knowledge on. The course is well worth the cost and I hope I never need to use the skills I have learned but if I do, I know I am better able to handle a situation now than before. I would recommend this course to anybody!” – J (Fast Track – Counter Custody Course)

“Essential course to learn the foundations of Counter Custody escape methods in combination with special tools, more than doubled my knowledge and learning first hand with a small group in practical workshops was amazing. I appreciate that with such a huge amount of knowledge transfer it was a tight schedule but it would have been nice to have a longer = more difficult!! assessment at the end if time allowed but given that it was a one day course it would be impossible to fit it in”. – N (Fast Track – Counter Custody Course)

“Thank you once again for a most enjoyable day. Whilst I’ve had some exposure and self study of the subject, your pearls of wisdom, tangible experience and the application of a system are invaluable. I hope I never have to use these skills In anger but your course has provided me with a solid foundation to build on and the confidence that my destiny is somewhat in my own hands should the need arise. I found the course well resourced from a content, materials and catering perspective, my only criticism is that we weren’t able to clone you allowing development at different rates and greater one to one time for practice. I will be recommending you to our steering team to add a practical element to our hostile environments training, having reflected on the drive home I think this would best fit in the team deployment course as the content is somewhat sensitive. Thank you once again for sharing your system and experience”. – D (Fast Track – Counter Custody Course)

“Supremely professional, hugely knowledgeable and absolutely devious, 4TAC5.COM delivers an excellent, enjoyable and value for money course. Suitable for those with no knowledge as well as limited knowledge, the system of escaping restraints are easily learned and remembered. The progression from using no tools, to tools that can be made in captivity and finally some professional tools was eye opening, and goes to show how much can be achieved with very little. Would definitely recommend to anyone who may be in ‘prone to capture’ employment”. – A (Fast Track – Counter Custody Course)

“Thank you for the opportunity to attend your course this past weekend. The course and your instruction were outstanding. The knowledge you imparted along with the demonstrations and practice have not only improved my own knowledge exponentially, but probably more importantly, have identified my areas of weakness. The course offered great value for money, but having access to your knowledge first hand was priceless. I just wished the course was longer! The course location also added environmental immersion and in my opinion worked really well. Thank you again and I plan to come back for more training in the future and I will unreservedly recommend your course to others”. – D (Fast Track – Counter Custody Course)

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