OscarDelta SPD design and manufacture special products for military, law enforcement and security agencies:

  • Restraint Escape Tools
  • Covert Entry Tools
  • Discreet Carry Devices
  • Infrared Identification Systems
  • Training Materials


HANDCOP Counter Escape Restraints are the most secure non-metallic restraint and some would say they are more secure than handcuffs!

For this reason they are being adopted as a primary restraint by select law enforcement, military and government agencies units.

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Go-Tubes are the ultimate deep carry concealment device for small items that you would like to protect from damage, loss or unauthorised access.

The tough but lightweight construction protects the contents from being crushed or ruined by liquids, though its primary function as a security device is delivered through concealed use.

Go-Tubes are used to secure sensitive and valuable items by relocating them
from the usual storage locations; to a safer, hidden location.

Quite simply, an item that cannot be found, cannot be taken.


Developed by a security consultant and subject matter expert for governmental, diplomatic, law enforcement, intelligence and special operations personnel the TAG4DATA™ is a non-metallic wearable tag that can be carried discreetly on your person to allow for secure access to data that can be edited, hidden, deleted and encrypted to ISO/IEC 18033-3 standard (NSA approved).

Access restricted for military, law enforcement and security agencies.

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