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This is the latest FT-CCK developed for individuals that are prone to capture.


  • T200 High Speed Friction Saw
  • Technora Escape Necklace installed with AHK3, Uber Gulag Shim, R Clip
  • Micro Striker Bead Tungsten Carbide
  • Uber Gulag Shim with 120lb Stainless Steel Split Ring.
  • Uber Gulag Shim with AHK3 and R Clip.
  • GTFO Wrist Strap.
  • SAD Tool installed with High Tensile Stainless Safety Pin and Compression Spring attachment.
  • Go-Tube Deep Concealment Device with shock-cord waist IWB Strap and plastic end cap insert.
  • Supplied in a clear zip pouch (can be used for passport and boarding pass).

With training, skills and knowledge the FT-CCK3 contains essential tools for dealing with various methods of restraint.

We recommend that you carry 4 Uber Gulag Shims, one worn high (on Technora Escape Necklace), one worn low (SAD Tool), one worn on waist line front (Uber Gulag Shim with Stainless Steel Split Ring) and one worn on the waist line rear (Uber Gulag Shim with AHK3 and R Clip).

The T600 Friction Saw should be carried and concealed so it can be accessed from the front or rear.

The GTFO Wrist Strap is for breaking tempered glass windows. Simply place the tungsten carbide micro striker bead against the window and then hold and pull back on the elastic; release the bead to break the glass.

The SAD Tool can be used to bypass handcuffs, basic locks, pry open cable-ties.

For covert carry and concealment of the SAD-Tool and other FT-CCK3 components we recommend loading the items into the Go-Tube ‘Strap-on’.
It can also be used for carrying cash (10 x $100 bank notes) and other valuable items such as micro SD cards, SIM cards, SERE Kit etc.

The shock-cord waist strap is worn around the waist to allow for easy access to Go-Tube and contents when restrained to the front or rear.

To install simply place the shock cord around your waist and tie a knot to secure (not too tight, not too loose).

We recommend wearing the Go-Tube inside your underwear so it’s positioned at the front with the shock cord tucked a way. This is a tried and tested method of carry that conceals the items until they are required.

To access the Go-Tube simply reach into your waistband, grab the shock cord and pull to extract the Go-Tube.

The Go-Tube hanger cap is sealed with heat-shrink to prevent it from coming off as you pull on the shock cord to access the Go-Tube contents.

Note: there is a clear plastic disc installed inside the round end cap to prevent the SAD-Tool from penetrating the end cap.

To access the contents remove the round end cap by prising it off with your finger nails – remove iten required – replace end cap and tuck away!

£45.00 GBP


Developed by 4TAC5 the ‘Plan B’ is a Fast Track Counter Custody Kit that can be donned or removed in seconds so it can be carried & concealed on your person, regardless of what you are wearing.  It is also very comfortable to wear so you’ll easily forget that you’re wearing it (passive). Full access to the tools is possible if you are restrained to the front or rear and need to put ‘Plan B’ into action!

We recommend that you carry inside your underwear with the Go-Tube positioned just above your groin and shim installed at the rear on the silicone retainers. If you are restrained to the rear access to the Go-Tube is possible by pulling on the shock-cord to move it from the front to the rear.

The contents of the Go-Tube can be accessed by pulling off the round end cap with your finger nails, or you can leave the cable-tie of the Friction
Saw outside of the cap – simply pull on the cable-tie to remove the cap.


  • GO-TUBE IWB STRAP featuring shock-cord strap for inside waistband carry & concealment, hanger cap with heat shrink retention and end cap reinforced with an acrylic disc. It is lightweight, airtight, waterproof/mildew-proof with silent operation.
  • UBER GULAG SHIM with stainless steel split ring installed on shock-cord waist strap with silicon retainers for access when restrained to the front or rear.
  • T200 HIGH SPEED FRICTION SAW developed by the 4TAC5 Mobile Training Team, SERE and CAC Instructors. The overall length, size of the foot-loops and the addition of a plastic feeder allow for this tool to be quickly deployed and used immediately to defeat non-metallic restraints should you be restrained to the front or rear.
  • SAD-TOOL (Special Activities Development Tool) designed to defeat various handcuffs and restraints from around the world. Can also be used to open basic padlocks.
  • MICRO STRIKER BEAD TUNGSTEN CARBIDE (installed on shock-cord waist strap). Measuring just 6.75mm x 3.25mm this is our smallest glass beaker for tempered glass windows. Using the Mohs scale, which is used to test hardness, the score achieved by tungsten carbide is 9. To put this into context, the only thing that has a higher score than tungsten carbide is a diamond, which manages to score a rating of 10. As the old saying goes it takes a diamond to cut a diamond but it also takes a diamond to cut tungsten carbide. With a mineral hardeness of 9.0 MOHS the MSB-TC will break tempered glass windows with very little effort.
  • MICRO LIGHT STICK (x 2) 1.5 inch mini chemical light sticks will glow green for 4hrs once activated.

£22.00 GBP


Orientation: Reverse For European Mounted Locks

Single Hump
Triple Hump

Crafted from aircraft grade Titanium, these entry tools have a limited magnetic footprint and are extremely corrosion resistant.
Light and covert, the Bogota is the “go-to” tool for operators.
The handle end of each Bogota doubles as a tension wrench, each pick is approximately 1/8″ X 3″.

Will fit inside the PLAN B / GO-TUBE IWB STRAP

£25.00 GBP

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