In addition to our in-house Mobile Training Team (MTT) we have 4TAC5 Certified Instructors worldwide that can support, host and deliver our Progressive Restraint Escape System™.

Law Enforcement, Military and Government Agencies only.

Not all hosts are listed.


Specialist Technical Training Services are the leading supplier of bespoke tools and operational support services to select Law Enforcement and Governmental agencies worldwide.

Our training courses are unrivalled and have all been designed to provide the learner with not only the technical bench skills required to get the job done but also the specialist tactical application knowledge which will ensure the successful operator will leave our courses as a proficient covert asset for their respective organisation.

Our instructors have all been individually selected for their respective expertise within their chosen field and have a vast reserve of knowledge gained from conducting countless operations globally often in hostile, non permissive environments.

UK based with a discreet 6500 sqft bespoke designed and dedicated Covert Methods of Entry (CME) training facility to operate from we are able to deliver training packages to cover all of your organisations individual requirements within the CME field. If required training teams can travel to your location.

Utilising our operational experience has also enabled us to design bespoke equipment to counter the technical difficulties encountered within this operating arena. The bespoke tools we supply have been designed to reflect the need for ease of functionality and reliability in even the most extreme working conditions.



ITTA is always on mission an prepared to deliver exceptional training and disruptive solutions to meet enduring problems and emerging challenges. Our courses are designed and intended solely for authorized Law Enforcement, Defense, Intelligence, and Homeland Security personnel. ITTA training and services are relevant to a spectrum from 1st Responders/EM to major criminal investigation,counter-terrorism, and tactical operations in high risk environments. Semper in Via.

Our mobile training teams utilize operational platform training and cutting edge technologies in training courses and exercises. Where applicable, students will be tested in culmination exercises with full mission profiles in planning and execution. Students accepted to these courses will obtain prerequisite agency approval; meet all governing criteria, regulation, and policy; as well as validation of assignment/duty to instructional area when applicable. ITTA also offers customs course development to meet your agency requirement. Contact ITTA for current offerings, detailed course information and questiions about our training and services.

ITTA Training & Services

We are committed to providing clients with advanced tactical training offerings and programs of technical insstruction which meet challenges directly, maximize effect and positively impact the capability of our clients in homeland security and defense. We confrom to clent standards and requirement.

ITTA Training Solutions

  • Firearms Training
  • Designated Marksman
  • Precision Rifle
  • Force Protection
  • Small Unit Tactics/CQB
  • First Responder Preparedness
  • Human Terrain Analysis/COIN
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Advanced Surveillance Training
  • Intelligence Analyst Training
  • Source Operations
  • Advanced EOD/C-IED
  • Single and Multiple Purpose Canine
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Table Top Exercises
  • Threat and Vulnerabilty Assessments
  • Commercial Security

Our Premier mobile training teams deliver quality training for national level agency and support homeland security. ITTA will develop custom programs for delivery at any location in accord with your specialized needs, time constraints and requirements.

Read the Kidnapping and Restraint article by Aaron Cunningham, President of the International Tactical Training Association.




As a Canadian,  I have found it extremely difficult to access quality training and gear within my own borders.  Not to say that skilled professionals don’t exist here – far from it – but rather the availability of opportunities for training and access to equipment is very limited compared to our neighbours to the South.

In that vein, I travelled to the United States to not only train with specialists over the years (military, law enforcement and other specialists) to develop and build on my own skills but also to allow immersion into a full-spectrum of approaches which otherwise would not be available to me and bring them back here to re-conceptualize them from a Canadian perspective.

As Canada does not have options for the carriage of firearms or other weapons by average civilians, personal security and self-defence require a different approach to be effective within a more non-permissive environment.

Through that process, True North Tradecraft came into being.  I hope to give all Canadians access to tradecraft and personal security awareness, tactics and knowledge to thrive within our legal system and maintain that security wherever they go worldwide through less-than-permissive lands.



We are seeking Training Hosts worldwide that can facilitate our advanced training courses.

The Training Host should be an established company that provides specialist training, services or equipment to governmental, diplomatic, law enforcement, intelligence, military personnel, security and risk management companies and sector specific organisations.

We do not require anything special to conduct our courses. The facility for training should be out of public view and with access to at least one car for vehicle based training. There should be sufficient space for at least 6 students to train as a group and individual rooms for isolation/captivity exercises. The Progressive Restraint Escape System™ is very much ‘hands-on’ so there is no requirement for presentation or classroom equipment.

Training & Consultancy Fee
Courses will be delivered by one of our in-house instructors. We charge a flat rate fee for 6 students + travel and hotel costs if required. An additional 6 students can be trained during the course by a 4TAC5 Certified Instructor.

All training materials are provided and each student will be given a Fast Track Counter Custody Kit and materials to make/adapt/improvise escape tools.

Terms & Conditions
Given the highly sensitive nature of our services, we assess the legitimacy of potential clients and a process of due diligence is put in place before any services are offered.

For further information please complete the form below or contact services@4tac5.com :

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